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Исполнитель: Джессика Лэнг

Название: Лана Банана

Длительность mp3: 02:18

Добавлено: 2015-12-08

Слушали: 264


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Текст песни:

The Name Game
Judy, Judy bo Budy Bonana fanna fo Fudy
Fee fy mo Mudy, Judy!
Lana, Lana bo Bana Bonana fanna fo Fana
Fee fy mo Mana, Lana!
Come on everybody!
I say now let’s play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name
The first letter of the name, I treat it like it wasn’t there
But a B or an F or an M will appear
And then I say bo add a B then I say the name and
Bonana fanna and a fo
And then I say the name again with anF very plain and a
fee fy and a mo
And then I say the name again with an M this time
and there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme
Pepper, Pepper bo Bepper Bonana fanna fo Fepper
Fee fy mo Mepper, Pepper!
But if the first two letters are ever the same,
I drop them both and say the name
like Bob, Bob drop the B’s Bo ob
For Fred, Fred drop the F’s Fo red
For Mary, Mary drop the M’s Mo ary
That’s the only rule that is contrary.
Now say Bo: Bo
Now Tony with a B: Bony
Then Bonana fanna fo: bonana fanna fo
Then you say the name again with an F very plain: Fony
Then a fee fy and a mo: fee fy mo
Then you say the name again with an M this time: Mony
And there isn’t any name that you can’t rhyme
Kit, Kit bo Bit Bonana fanna fo Fit
Fee fy mo Mit, Kit!

The Name Game

Клип Джессика Лэнг Лана Банана

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