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Исполнитель: amazarashi

Название: Hikari, Saikou

Длительность mp3: 05:38

Добавлено: 2015-12-13

Слушали: 413


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Текст песни:

I do not want to say "If I was reborn" that'd be useless
I have to go through my life anyway so the right love for it will come
bump into, roll, with clenched fists, trying so hard
Though what I have in my hand might already be that love, oh well..
That kind of light.

Sometimes I just feel empty and that everything else should be gone
As if God, way back in the days, hung himself in some old apartment in Asagaya
While kissing my girlfriend under the beautiful star sky
The memories and thoughts of ending it all are seemingly gone
That kind of light.

Everytime the sun goes up I feel gloomy but I do really like the blue sky
At the park, kids that are playing and the homeless all tucked in under their newspaperblankets
The future is bright, it is bright.
One sneeze and the pidgeons take off to the sky
Where do you think I should go? You should go wherever you want
What do you think I should do? Who am I asking..?
Trying so hard that I'm shaking to try something new but the shadows from the monkey bars keeps stretching longer
Im going now, going someplace that isn't here.
That kind of light.

She, pulling all the night shifts making me spend the evenings alone
I wasn't feeling particularly lonely though suddenly I started liking watching shows on TV
In the morning she comes home, just as I am about to leave
I really thought she was beautiful smiling innocently like that
That kind of light.

Thinking back at when I was a kid playing tags
Even though I chased things that I could never get, an illusion, I realized
that I really didn't want to have any of it at all, I just want to chase forever.
With my chest burning, I want to run until I die.
Tomorrow flowing to the east, people will come and people will go
Light and shadow passing each other, laughing and crying comes and goes
That's how it is, it's okay, it's okay, We're all the same.
When something is not going well, anyone's the same.
That kind of light.

Just like the sun goes up and down, just like a flower will bloom after the frost.
Everything going around, everything will get back into place
Don't ever say that again, "if I was ever reborn"
Right now you're just in a shadow, that's it.

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