De/Vision Living Fast Dying Young - dying young mp3

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Исполнитель: De/Vision

Название: Living Fast Dying Young

Длительность mp3: 04:08

Добавлено: 2015-03-14

Слушали: 694


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Текст песни:

Young at heart and fuelled atomically
We don't miss an opportunity
Driven by our insecurity
We're the ones in authority
We've been waiting for this moment to come

Living fast dying young
We're kickin' ass we are only having fun
Somehow we get along
Living fast dying young
We're gonna embrace whatever comes along
We don't know where we belong

We're not looking for you sympathy
Everything ends in a minor key
We've been living for this moment to come

Клип DE/Vision - Living Fast Dying Young

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