HoN Raps Haters Gonna' Hate - музыка hon

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Исполнитель: HoN Raps

Название: Haters Gonna' Hate

Длительность mp3: 03:38

Добавлено: 2016-06-05

Слушали: 398


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Текст песни:

haters gonna hate
i laugh cuz you fake
lolumad cuz I do somethin that you cant
double tap again, goin back to the bank
go and hate all you want, know I'm something that you ain't


In RL you may know me as the bitch layer
but in game you can see me playin witch slayer
listen closely hater, can you hear that hat trick
whippin out the shotty and I make ya ass back flip

I'm physical but my play styles magic
do the math, me plus your team equals tragic
doombringer? have it
winning is a habit
rollin on my floor, all you got is a hatchet

I solo but roll deep if there's a problem
but I'm sure with these items I can just solve em
growin so much stronger i just feel like im evolvin
persistant with my killings everywhere i am revolvin

my enemies never seem to live to see another day
snare you little punk you thought you could get away
just to mess around I'll watch you die from a venom spray
they disconnect watch as their picture fades to gray


your stats make me snicker
you scout first picker
omg the way you type is just the real kicker

the way I juke is just somethin that you gotta see
you could call it somethin like the fonzie d oddysey
rookies like to watch me, I'm somethin like a prophecy
see me in the lobby you're like sorry team, gotta leave
you just got your greaves, I got a lotta cheese
the way that I dominate is just like a monopoly

I control every single aspect of the game
even if I'm blacksmith when you die you call me lame
you cry and you cry every time that you die
excuses, excuses why do you even try

like slither I'm so sly, like zephyr I'm so fly
haters gonna hate, but I'm high in the sky
gotta say good bye to those who do reply
if you are still QQin, wipe that tear from your eye

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