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Исполнитель: IceJJFish

Название: On The Floor

Длительность mp3: 04:34

Добавлено: 2016-06-07

Слушали: 389


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Текст песни:

Verse 1
It’s something about you girl
That just makes my head want to twirl
You got me wanting to tell all them other girls
There’s nothing else better on this world
The moment I seen her I was in shock
So shocked you would think that I’ve just been shot
Shot down right down in the spot
But too bad it doesn’t happen a lot
Oh girl you got me visualizing me on top
On top of yo hot body I was sweating a lot
A lot of times because it’s cold we would have to stop
Too bad she’s not into that stuff a lot
Oh man she’s just super hot
Hotter than the sun that's right on top
On top of our heads oh man there she goes so i had to stop
And asked her questions that I had in stock

Hook x2
She said she wants to take it slow
I’m not that type of guy I let you know
When I see that red light all I know is go
So baby girl let’s do this on the floor

Verse 2
Yeah let’s get up on the floor
Show me yo moves that makes you such a pro
A pro of being the one that I want to know
Oh yeah girl Ima let you know
You’re the one that I’m really into boo
There’s a million one places I can be but I’d rather be with you
Me and you can invent something that’s new
That we don’t need no dance between us two
Girl you drove me out my mind
Since you did that I’m digging deep in your spine
Would you ever get the hint that I’m claiming your mind
Well that’s what’s going on this time
I would put my life on the line
On the line just to be the one to call you mine
Now I’m picking up the phone just to call your line
Because baby girl you’re on my mind


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