Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz Impaled Nazarene - impaled nazarene mp3

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Исполнитель: Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz

Название: Impaled Nazarene

Длительность mp3: 03:05

Добавлено: 2015-06-02

Слушали: 557


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Текст песни:

Кто понимает, тот сможет понять и будет знать.


You have seen, you cannot deny it any longer

Verse 1: Vinnie Pa

Walt Disney was fucking Nai, Illuminati killed Mike Jackson
Barack Obama aware of all their precise action
Look at the dollar bill, they want the fucking light blackened
Y’all too stupid and blind to see what might happen
The symbolism from beginning of recorded times
And Hinduism and the spinning of distorted minds
You believe it when the television report the crime
Well I believe that that’s irrelevant and falsified
Where was Jesus in the Bible for seventeen years?
He was in Tibet and India and they were his peers
He also lived in the Himalayas and Kashmir
He survived the crucifixion and lived for mad years
They like the idea of war between Arab and Jew
They like the idea of slaughter and massacre too
Knowledge is infinite, it’s something you have to pursue
I pray to God on the Shabbat for a pacifist coup


To most people who would consider themselves intelligent beings they say well that’s absurd. What’s all this doomsday stuff?

Verse 2: Ill Bill

Born in Sudan, raised in America
Aged seven in a new land, raised by the Seraphim
Learned Islam ? amongst the pyramids dragged by em
From the Nile River later reminisced and drank wine
Return to childhood and crime
Did an upstate bid for three years, out on parole now the world is mine
Created his own movement in ‘69
Nubian Hebrew Mission had arrived, he’s alive
Changed his name to Isa Abdullah
Many times after that legally changed his name several times
Level nine, Jackie and The Starlights, made music with passion
Rolls-Royce elegant fashion ready for action
Descendant of aliens from another planet
They said Christ was underhanded
Like King Solomon with many wives
Under marriage many seeds many heirs to the throne
Ready to die and forever it’s told
Similar to this eleven year old
After being gang-raped at eight memoried the testament scrolls
Front to back he recited the Bible, word for holy word
Passion of the Christ on arrival
The Branch Davidians took him in then he took em over
Claiming the name of David from the book of Jehova
You’d have thought that he’s from Brooklyn how he had it all sewn up
Till the ATF had him blown up out in Waco

Outro: David Koresh

So you know you guys, do it your way, I do it my way. You gonna argue with me, you catch me on the side of the road somewhere, you come and argue with me. You come pointing guns in the direction of my wife, my kids, damn it I’ll meet you at the door any time. And I’m sorry some of you guys got shot but uh hey, God will have to sort that out, won’t he?

Клип Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz- Impaled Nazarene

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