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Исполнитель: Silent Force

Название: Walk The Earth

Длительность mp3: 06:28

Добавлено: 2015-07-31

Слушали: 807


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Текст песни:

If somehow I find the words
Saying what I feel inside right now
It's quiet, no sound
My voice seems to become silent somehow

If we're alone and then you ask me
Am I honest with myself I'll tell you "no"
Do you believe in ever after?
I struggle with the answers I can't show

If I look into the mirror I have to turn away
I fool the disconnected
I'm the man I cannot face
I've lived amongst expansion
Under no uncertain terms
It's finally catching me somehow
Oh will I ever learn

And now it seems my days are numbered
My fate is closing in on me I know
Do you think that I am shallow?
Will I kneel before the beast that lies below

I walk the earth,
Image of my world
Come feel the noise,
It's through a voice unheard
I walk the earth
I've fallen far from grace
Come feel the noise,
My shell's an empty space
I walk the earth

Oh, hanging on the balance,
It's the path that I have led
Keeps them all believing
This is know that I have said
Uncertain is the outcome,
It appears it's not all lost
This is what I've chosen
Most of the time it plays out wrong

If we're alone that's when I'll ask you
Are you honest with yourself you'll tell me "no"
And you believe in ever after
I know the answer now just say it's so




I walk the earth...

Клип Silent Force - Walk The Earth

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